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How can we fairly compare cricket statistics and players?
Cricket statistics are hard to compare fairly, over different eras and playing conditions – as well as the great difference it can make to your statistics when you have a teammate with whom you virtually practice ESP.

Who would challenge that the Lillee/Marsh bowling and wicket keeping combination is one of the best the world has ever seen. Even the great Adam Gilchrist, as a wicket keeper, did not have the intuitive support that Marsh had with Lillee, even though “Gilly” took 10 catches against New Zealand in 1999/2000. Rodney (Iron Gloves) Marsh ended his career of 119 tests with 395 dismissals, many from his partnership with D K Lillee, who held the record of 355 test wickets until Shane Warne overtook him in 2000. Glenn McGrath is one of only five bowlers to have taken over 500 Test wickets.

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