England Will Not Be Facing The Little Master

England to tour India
Some of the best recent news is that the English cricket tour of India will go ahead. This will be a great boost for Indian cricket after the terrible bombings in Mumbai, and Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement from test cricket will rejuvenate their team with new selections. While Sachin ensured some terrible criticism in the last couple of years of his career, he stands alone in the 12,000+-run club.

On 17 October 2008, he passed Brian Lara’s Test match tally of 11,953 runs. He is the same Brian Lara that ended Garry Sober’s 36-year record in 1993/94. In his career, Sachin Tendulkar tallied up over 16,422 runs at the rate of 44.26 runs for every time he has gotten out. A remarkable performance for any cricketer and he is quoted as saying that his personal cricket hero was the West Indies Captain Viv Richards.


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